Meet Phil


I like walks on the beach at dusk, coaching track, homemade carrot cake and frozen margaritas with extra salt and – oh, sorry. Wrong website. Was polishing my internet dating profile…but as long as you’re here, let me introduce myself.

The most evident thing about me is I’m a horse.

Some great minds have made mention that I could be considered one the great catalysts that shaped human society and civilization as we now know it, putting me right up there with fire, the wheel, metal, agriculture, religion and written language. You may have noticed… ehem, I’m the only animal in that group;).

When man learned to harness my speed & strength, he could go faster and further than he could with only his two legs. Combining me with the wheel & pulley, he could move & lift things 20 times heavier than he could with only his two arms. You may have heard of measurement called horse power?

As time evolved, mechanical innovations were developed replacing me in many of my traditional jobs and as a result, my role has changed over centuries. In some ways, its created a bit of pickle for horses because we still need to be looked after.

Most folks think I just stand around eating grass all day; they couldn’t be more mistaken. I’ve watched people for a very long time and have been inspired by the variety in which they celebrate life so I’ve adopted a try-anything-once attitude. If it brings joy, celebration or a deep sense of pride, I’m up for it.

I’ve done it all. Surfing, yoga – the Hustle. I’ve saved kittens from trees, delivered babies, leaped tall buildings in a single bound and I’m known in some parts of the world as Philippe.

I’d like to think of myself as everyone’s horse and my deepest hope is to inspire you like I’ve been. For all the goods and wares purchased with my likeness on it, a portion of the net proceeds is donated to designated equine rescues to help horse in need of care and in search of their forever home.

If I can inspire you to help our four hoofed friends, then I’ve done my biggest job yet.

Shop Phil. Save Horses.

Celebrate life. Give it horsepower.

what you do.


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